• Untouched Soil

    Step on ground where perhaps no one has stepped before.

  • A Sunny Evening Hike

    At the roots of Krossavik Mountains, one of many challenging hiking trails near Vopnafjordur.

  • Something for Everyone

    Children will find lots of interesting things to explore.

  • Skiing in the Wild

    Skiers traveling 50 km (31 miles) from inland mountains to Vopnafjordur.

Vopnafjordur is famous for its premium salmon rivers. Angling is what has attracted people like Prince Charles and George Bush Sr. to Vopnafjordur. But the area offers a wide range of options.

Hiking is a popular pastime of locals. Some trails are marked, but an important part of the Vopnafjordur experience is hiking freely in the wilderness with the guidance of local experts.

For equestrians, horse rental is available, and horse riding tours can be arranged. Cyclists will find numerous scenic country and mountain roads to explore. In winter, cross-country skiing and snowmobile trips are great ways to get around the mountains.

Vopnafjordur's nature offers the perfect scene for an afternoon of golf, running, birdwatching or sea angling. For those who simply want to dive into a geothermal pool or relax in the complete silence of the wilderness, Vopnafjordur is an ideal destination.


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