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    Looking into Hofsa river, a highly exclusive angling destination.

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 "Perhaps my most special memories are reserved for the Hofsa river in Iceland..."
 Prince Charles of Wales

Vopnafjordur's salmon rivers are world famous. For decades they have attracted keen anglers from around the world, among them prominent artists, businessmen and politicians, including the Prince of Wales, former US President George Bush Sr., and "The Golden Bear" Jack Nicklaus. Permits to the rivers are coveted, and generally need to be secured up to a year in advance.

Hofsa river is located a 15-minute drive east from Vopnafjordur. The angling area stretches 30 km (19 miles) in a wide valley, the season lasts from July 1 to September 20. The average catch a year is 1600 salmons, and seven rods are allowed at a time. Guides are available, and a full service lodge with gourmet meal service is operated close to the river. Permit applications for 2011 can be made at Hofsa's web site. The last day to apply is September 17, 2010. Please contact Angling Club Strengur at orri[at] for details.

Sela river flows through a gorge in a shallow valley a 10 minute drive north from Vopnafjordur. Sela has long been one of the most popular of Icelandic salmon rivers. Fishing is fly only, and the river has a flexible catch-and-release system. Guides are available, and a full-service lodge is operated near the mouth of the river. Please contact Angling Club Strengur at orri[at] for details.

Vesturdalsa river runs through the valley that lies between Hofsa and Sela, a 15 minute drive from Vopnafjordur. The river originates as the run-off of Lake Arnarvatn in the highlands above Vopnafjordur, flows 33 km (21 miles) to the lowlands and empties into Nypslon estuary. The fishing area reaches 28 km (17 miles) up to a waterfall not accessible to salmon. Average annual catch is about 220 salmons. A maximum of three rods is allowed at a time. A catch-and-release policy is in effect. A self-service lodge is available. Please contact gisli[at] for details.

Trout fishing permits in Hofsa and several lakes can usually be obtained on short notice, sometimes the same day.


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