• Coastal Hikes

    Explore rock tunnels, coves and coastal cliffs on Tangi peninsula, a half hour's walk from the village.

  • Endless Wilderness

    In the vast highlands you'll find valleys, hills, pastures, deserts, rivers, lakes, glaciers and mountaintops.

  • Winter Hiking

    Hiking on frozen ground is a fun variant to a traditional mountain hike.

  • A Sunny Evening Hike

    At the roots of Krossavik Mountains, one of many challenging hiking trails near Vopnafjordur.

  • A Short Rest

    Every clifftop reached is a victory in itself.

Vopnafjordur's hiking routes vary from easy to strenuous, from flat to steep, from an afternoon walk to a multi-day mountain trip.

Beginners and intermediates will find a wide range of mapped routes and marked trails without ever stepping into a car. A hike in the cliffs above the village offers scenic views of the whole of Vopnafjordur - the bay, the Tangi Peninsula, inland areas and mountains. Hike to the end of the Tangi Peninsula to find interesting stack formations and whole beaches made up of seashells.

If you are willing to take a short drive before starting your hike, you will find a hidden little gem at Hvammsa River with its numerous small waterfalls. An alternative is the refreshing route around Drangsnes Peninsula and to the large waterfalls at Gljufursa River, which is popular among locals.

Those who seek a more athletic endeavor should try the signature hike to the top of Krossavik Mountain at 1,080 meters. The mountain stands opposite the village on the other side of the bay, guarding Vopnafjordur in the absence of the local dragon. Other challenges at a similar level include Svinabakkar Mountain to the south of Krossavik Mountain, and many longer but less steep hikes in Vopnafjordur's valleys and highlands.

Adventurers will not be disappointed. Endless moderate to strenuous hiking opportunities await them in the highlands above Vopnafjordur.

Plan your hike with the help of the local Tourist Information Center. Remember to take into account weather forecast and mobile phone coverage if hiking in remote areas. Some hiking routes may be dangerous; use proper caution, consult with locals and always make sure that somebody knows your itinerary. Click here to read about the ICE-SAR Travellers Reporting Service.


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