Much More

  • Wild Blueberries

    Visit in late August or early September, and pick delicious Icelandic blueberries.

  • Sheep Herding

    Icelanders maintain a centuries-old tradition of herding sheep from the mountains in the fall. Come and be a part of it!

  • Beach Life

    Vopnafjordur's beaches are full of plant and animal life, which takes days to explore.

Only the mind (and sometimes the weather) poses limitations on ways to experience Vopnafjordur:

Pick wild blueberries and crowberries in August and September.

Participate in seasonal sheep-herding in the mountains in the fall.

Mount your bicycle and explore the numerous country and mountain roads that stretch all around the area.

Take a fishing rod to the docks for a chance to catch a big codfish.

Check out the diverse biology of the black beaches: shellfish, seaweed, birds, crabs, starfish and more.

Photos: Blueberries by Richard Baer (CC BY-SA). Sheep by (CC BY).


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