• Beast of Rock

    Colloquially called The Elephant, this coastal rock is probably the only individual of the species in Iceland.

  • Waterfalls

    The waterfall Gljúfursárfoss collapsing into a steep canyon by the coast.

  • Reindeer

    If you're lucky, you may come upon a flock of Santa Claus's best servants in the mountains.

  • Multicolor Skies

    In winter, polar stratospheric clouds, formed in extreme cold high up in the atmosphere, sometimes paint the sky all sorts of colors.

  • Natural Power

    In Iceland, all electricity is clean–generated from the thrust of the rivers and the volcanic heat from the earth.

  • Black Rocks

    Vopnafjordur's coasts are full of black rocks and islets.

  • Redwing

    The redwing is a common thrush in woods and gardens. Most fly south in winter. This one may have spent last winter in the sunny Mediterranean.

  • Living History

    At Bustarfell Museum, see how Icelanders of the past lived, in this 250-year-old house of turf and stone.

From pure waterfalls and picturesque mountains to historical sites and killer whales swimming in the bay, Vopnafjordur's attractions are almost endless.

Nature's seasonal light shows add a whole other layer to the experience. In summer, otherworldly bright nights and the lukewarm midnight sun take the stage, while in winter sunlight is limited and the northern lights transform the sky into the scene of the greatest light show on earth.

Icelandic-Americans and Icelandic-Canadians frequently visit to find their roots in this biggest port of Icelandic emigration to the New World in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 1100-year-old Viking history comes alive in the untouched landscape.

Beyond the local environment, an even wider range of sights awaits. Volcanoes, glacial rivers and black mountain deserts can all be found within a short drive.

Photos: Reindeer by Julia Fritzdottir (CC BY-SA)


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