History & Culture

  • Vopnafjordur before 1900

    The village formed around foreign trade, which began sometime in the early Modern Age.

  • Independent People

    Poor farmers from Vopnafjordur inspired the novel that won the Nobel Prize in 1955.

  • A Past Gone - But Not Lost

    At Bustarfell Museum, step into a house made out of earth and stone, and see ancient lifestyle come alive.

  • Gunnar Gunnarsson Memorial

    At the peak of his career, a novelist from Vopnafjordur was one of the best-selling authors in Europe.

Vopnafjordur's history reaches 1100 years back. The bay was first settled by Viking seafarers from Norway. Foreign merchants frequently sailed to Vopnafjordur in the early modern age, and a settlement gradually formed on a peninsula where the village of Vopnafjordur now stands. It became one of Iceland's major harbors for commerce in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the last half century, the fishing industry has grown considerably, and is today the largest business sector in the area.


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