Gunnar Gunnarsson

  • A Star Writer

    At the height of Gunnar Gunnarsson's fame, only the works of the legendary Goethe sold better in Germany.

  • A Student in Denmark

    Gunnar Gunnarsson grew up in Vopnafjordur, and got his education in Denmark.

  • Centennial Celebration

    On his centennial in 1989, a memorial was erected for Gunnar Gunnarsson in Vopnafjordur.

  • A Sunny Day

    The Gunnar Gunnarsson memorial overlooks the downtown area.

Gunnar Gunnarsson (1889-1975), the most famous Icelandic writer of his generation, grew up in Vopnafjordur from the age of seven, and received his childhood education there. He moved to Denmark at the age of eighteen to study in Askov, Jutland, quickly mastered the Danish language, and decided to embark on a writing career in Danish.

He struggled for several years before getting publishers' attention, but eventually became the best-selling living author of his time in Germany, and enjoyed great popularity in Denmark and around Northern Europe.

Gunnar Gunnarsson grew up on the farm Ljotssdadir in the valley Vesturardalur, 7 km from Vopnafjordur.
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A memorial for Gunnar Gunnarsson was erected in Vopnafjordur at the rock Gardaklettur on the author's centennial in 1989.


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