The house now called Kirkjuból was built in 1900 for the manager of the Vídalín & Zöllner company. In the 1901 census the house is called “New Castle”, then later Zöllner’s house, so clearly the Kirkjuból name came later.

The brothers Jón Múli and Jónas Árnason are well-known among Icelanders for their rich contributions to Iceland’s culture and musical scene during their lifetime. Their plays, songs and lyrics are a legacy Icelanders know well. Who doesn’t recognize “Don’t cry my dear, although you need vitamins...” or the popular song “Once on an August evening...” ?

These brothers were born here in Vopnafjordur and took their first steps in this house, Kirkjuból. Their father Árni from Múla was the manager of the cooperative store in Vopnafjordur for a time and lived here in Kirkjuból with his family.

In the Kaupvangur is Múlastofa, an exhibit honoring the brothers and their life work. We encourage everyone to see it.


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