Roots in Vopnafjordur

  • By the End of the 19th Century

    The ship in the middle would soon transport people across the sea to America.

  • Brunahvammur

    One of the many houses that once were inhabited by poor farmers in the mountains above Vopnafjordur.

  • Melur

    The ruins of an old mountain farm.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans and Canadians can trace their roots to Iceland. In 1850-1914 a wave of Icelanders left their homeland to seek a better life across the Atlantic.

Vopnafjordur was the biggest Icelandic port of emigration to the New World. Thousands of Icelandic-Americans and Icelandic-Canadians have ancestors who lived in Vopnafjordur and nearby areas. The East Iceland Emigration Center is located in Vopnafjordur and can help you reconnect with your past.

Vopnafjordur offers a unique opportunity for you to capture the essence of your ancestry - breath the same clean air as your great-grandparents, gaze at the same waterfalls and mountaintops, and even herd sheep in the same highland valleys.

Contact the East Iceland Emigration Center if you need help locating relatives who may live in Vopnafjordur today, for resources on the history of your ancestors or if you want to visit their birthplace.


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