Midnight Sun & Winter Shadows

  • The Midnight Sun

    Visit in high summer for an otherworldly experience, where you can read a book outside at midnight with no additional light.

  • Light and Shadows

    On a late December noon, the sun rays barely reach above the horizon.

  • July 1, 23:21 hours

    Vopnafjordur is one of the most convenient destinations to see midnight sunshine.

From mid-May to early August, it never gets dark in Vopnafjordur. The nights are as bright as the day, and in June and early July the sun never sets.

The magical midnight sun has sparked wonder in locals and tourists alike for centuries. Now you can get your chance to marvel at the beauty of the midnight sun as you look to the north where the sun dips its feet carefully into the ocean before quickly rising again.

Vopnafjordur is one of the most accessible places to see this natural wonder. The experience can be intensified with a short drive to a scenic mountaintop on the coast, or even a trip to the nearby Rifstangi, the northernmost point of Iceland, which lies only three kilometers south of the Arctic Circle.

The following list shows light conditions in Vopnafjordur at different times of the year 2010:

March 21
Morning twilight: 6:06
Sunrise: 6:57
Sunset: 19:15
Evening twilight: 20:06

June 21
Light all day
Sun is up 24 hours

September 21
Morning twilight: 5:46
Sunrise: 6:37
Sunset: 19:08
Evening twilight: 19:59

December 21*
Morning twilight: 9:50
Sunrise: 11:27
Sunset: 14:27
Evening twilight: 16:04

* This listing does not take into account the influences of weather and mountainous landscape. Due to mountains blocking to the south, the sun does not rise in Vopnafjordur in late December.


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