Neighboring Wonders

  • Dettifoss

    The greatest of European waterfalls is located close to Vopnafjordur. No visitor can miss this wonder.

  • Steaming Ground

    In the Icelandic cold, feeling the volcanic heat at Lake Myvatn is something out of this world.

  • Green Energy

    The geothermal power plant at Krafla volcano generates 60 MW of electricity.

  • Hengifoss

    The second highest waterfall in Iceland at 128 m (420 ft), one and a half hour's drive south of Vopnafjordur.

  • Boiling Mud

    Hot mud pots near Lake Myvatn, one and a half hour's drive west of Vopnafjordur.

Vopnafjordur is the ideal base for the tourist who wants to visit the range of natural wonders that are located within an hour and a half's driving radius.

Dettifoss is the biggest waterfall in Europe. Vatnajokull National Park is the largest national park in Europe. The Myvatn area is a real geological gem with active volcanoes, boiling mud pots and natural baths. The black mountain deserts offer an incomprehensible sense of tranquility.


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