Further Information

  • Pollution-Free Water

    In Vopnafjordur, you'll find nature at its purest. Prove it yourself with a drink from the next mountain brook.

  • Closer Than You Think

    It's easier than ever to catch a flight to Iceland.
    3 hours from London. 5 ½ hours from New York.

  • Stay on a Farm

    Brand new cabins for rent at Sireksstadir farm.

  • Food for the Heroic

    International cuisine is everywhere in Iceland. Still the brave will try fermented shark, a traditional delicacy.

  • Destination for Sailboats

    Many sailboats traveling the northern seas visit Vopnafjordur.

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Photos: Trampoline by Julia Fritzdottir (CC BY-SA), Fermented Shark by Moohaha (CC BY)


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