About Vopnafjordur

  • The Village in Winter

    The southern entrance to Vopnafjordur. Tangi peninsula in the distance.

  • The Port

    Fish processing is the main pillar of the local economy. Processing plants run on renewable energy.

  • A Ship on Dry Land

    The local primary school's main building resembles a ship trying to get out to sea.

  • Rough Seas

    On the coast stands a memorial for people who have drowned at sea.

Vopnafjordur is a village in Northeast Iceland, standing on a narrow peninsula in the middle of a mountainous bay (fjord) which was carved by the Ice Age Glacier. The population of Vopnafjordur and surrounding farms is 700.

The landscape around Vopnafjordur is diverse with snowy mountains, rolling heaths, salmon-filled rivers, highland lakes, beautiful waterfalls, rocky hills, coastal cliffs and black beaches.

The wildlife consists of numerous bird species, including arctic terns and various ducks. Reindeer and fox roam the highlands, while whales and shark swim the bay among shellfish, cod, seal and many other animals.

The village itself traces its history back to the seventeenth century, while settlement in the farmlands in and around Vopnafjordur dates back to the Viking Age. Vopnafjordur was for a long time an important port for trade in the north-east. In the late nineteenth century, it was the largest port of Icelandic emigration to North America.

Today, the main industries are fish processing and services. HB Grandi, the largest fishing company in Iceland, operates a high-tech pelagic freezing plant specializing in capelin and herring, and a brand new factory for production of fishmeal.

The nearest larger town is Egilsstadir, the service center of East Iceland, which lies a one to one-and-a-half hour drive to the south. Flights are operated five times a week between Vopnafjordur and the capital Reykjavik through Akureyri in North Iceland. Akureyri is the largest Icelandic town outside the capital area. Driving from Vopnafjordur to Akureyri takes just under three hours. Multiple flights are operated daily to Reykjavik from both Akureyri and Egilsstadir.


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