Farmer´s Guesthouse and campground Ásbrandsstaðir


    -    Summerhouse/guesthouse
    -    Campground area
    -    Peaceful
    -    Beautiful surrounds
    -    Historical farm
    -    Variety of walking trails

Ásbrandsstaðir is near the sea, on the north side of Hofsárdal, about 7 km. from the village of Vopnafjörður along road nr. 917 toward the airport, then right on road nr. 920.

In the summerhouse is accommodation for 4-6 people. There is a good kitchen, bathroom, washing machine and a sundeck with a beautiful view.

Plans are to open a campground at Ásbrandsstaðir in the spring of 2015 with all necessary conveniences, such as a kitchen area.

The last area postal delivery man in Iceland was Runólfur Guðmundsson who lived at Ásbrandsstaðir. His father, Guðmundur Kristjánsson was also “land-postman”. In memory of them we plan to set up a small exhibit here at Ásbrandsstaðir. Certainly the work of the area postmen was often extremely difficult as they struggled to deliver the mail in spite of opposition from nature and weather. Travel was either by horseback or on foot over mountains and wildernes areas.

IMG_3194.JPGHosts: Erla, Haraldur and Jón

Address: Ásbrandsstaðir

Phone: 354-473-1459 or 354-863-8734


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GPS: 14°55´13,6"  65°42´14,3"   

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