Go Green

  • Pollution-Free Water

    In Vopnafjordur, you'll find nature at its purest. Prove it yourself with a drink from the next mountain brook.

  • Green Energy

    The geothermal power plant at Krafla volcano generates 60 MW of electricity.

  • Green Fish Processing

    The local freezing plant runs on green energy, and the fish is caught through a scheme of sustainability.

  • Free-Ranging Livestock

    Icelandic sheep roam free in the mountains the whole summer. That's as natural as agriculture can get.

Thinking of the environment while traveling has never been more important.

A visit to Vopnafjordur is a simple way to try a sustainable lifestyle. Heat and electricity are generated from renewable resources only, and natural food is widely available: sheep roam free in the mountains, cows get plenty of time outdoors, and seafood is caught as part of a strict scheme of sustainable fisheries.

Unfortunately, aircraft and automobiles still cause excessive pollution. Luckily, now there is an easy way to offset your carbon emissions with the Iceland Carbon Fund. Explore the pure nature of Vopnafjordur, and rest assured that at the same time you are doing your part in saving the planet.

Visit kolvidur.is to offset your trip.
When you offset your carbon emissions online, the Iceland Carbon Fund will plant a relevant number of trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The following are examples:

Round-trip flight with Icelandair from New York to Iceland
Emissions per two passengers: 1.52 tons of CO2
Trees to plant: 14

Round-trip flight with Icelandair from London to Iceland
Emissions per two passengers: 0.76 tons of CO2
Trees to plant: 8

Vehicle consuming 10 l of gasoline per 100 km
Emissions per 1,000 km: 0.2 tons of CO2
Trees to plant per 1,000 km: 2

The operations of the Iceland Carbon Fund are certified and audited by the international auditing company KPMG.


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