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Welcome to the non-travel-related section of our English language website. This section is intended as a source of basic information for current and prospective residents who do not understand Icelandic, as well as for anybody seeking to do business in Vopnafjordur, and those who may be interested in local public affairs. We hope that you find the information helpful.

The local government in Vopnafjordur is the municipality of Vopnafjardarhreppur, which is governed by the municipal council. The council has seven members who are elected in direct elections by the residents of Vopnafjordur for four-year terms. Anyone who is 18 years or older and has his or her legal domicile registered in Vopnafjordur has the right to participate in the local elections. The last municipal elections were held in May 2010.

The mayor is hired by the municipal council to carry out day-to-day management of the municipality, and is its chief executive officer.

Vopnafjordur is located in the county of Nordur-Mulasysla. The local government or municipality (Icelandic: "sveitarfelag") should not be confused with the county-level district magistrate's office (Icelandic: "syslumadur"). The district magistrate is the county-level official who represents the executive branch of the (national-level) Icelandic Government.

Information on the function of local governments in Iceland

Local Government of Vopnafjordur

Municipality Name: Vopnafjardarhreppur
Identification Number: 710269-5569

Area: 1913.48 km2 (738.80 sq mi)
Population (January 1, 2011): 668
Population Density: 0.35/km2 (0.90/sq mi)

Office Address:
Hamrahlid 15
690 Vopnafjordur

Tel: +354-473-1300
Fax: +354-473-1196
Email: skrifstofa(at)vopnafjardarhreppur.is

Mayor/CEO: Thorsteinn Steinsson

Municipal Council 2010-2014

Thorunn Egilsdottir, president

Bardur Jonasson

Fjola Dogg Valsdottir

Sigridur Elva Konradsdottir

Eyjolfur Sigurdsson

Gudrun Anna Gudnadottir

Bjorn Gunnar Hreinsson


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