Cultural Events

The major annual cultural events in the area include:

Einu sinni a agustkvoldi (Once upon an August Night), a local cultural and music festival in August.

Vopnaskak, the traditional local festival held in July, with live music and a variety of events.

New Year's Eve, with bonfire and fireworks.

Thorrablot, a feast of traditional Icelandic food in January.

Oskudagur (Ash Wednesday) in February; children dress up in various costumes.

The elementary school's annual festival in March; the students prepare a day of theater, open to the public.

Sjomannadagurinn (The Seamen's Day), first Sunday of June; a national holiday dedicated to seamen, with events at the harbor.

Independence Day, June 17; the national holiday of Iceland. Einherji, the local sports team, organizes a day of events.


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