The Icelandic educational system can be divided into four levels:

Preschool education (Icelandic: "leikskóli"): optional for children under six years of age. Schools are generally owned and operated by the local governments.

Compulsory education (Icelandic: "grunnskóli"): mandatory for children from six to sixteen years of age. Primary education (elementary and middle school) and lower-secondary education (first two years of high school) are organized in the same school level. Schools are generally owned and operated by the local governments.

Upper secondary education (Icelandic: "framhaldsskóli"): not mandatory, but anyone who has completed compulsory education has the right to enter a course at this level. Most students are sixteen to twenty years of age. Completed by a matriculation exam (allowing entry to higher education) or a vocational equivalent. Schools are generally owned and operated by the Icelandic government.

Higher education (Icelandic: "háskóli"): three-level university education; completed by a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree respectively. Schools are owned and operated by either the Icelandic government or private entities.

All levels of education are regulated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

Explanation of the Icelandic educational system on the Ministry's web site.

Education in Vopnafjordur

School of preschool education:
Leikskolinn Brekkubaer

Lonabraut 13-15
690 Vopnafjordur

Tel: +354 473 1269

Principal: Sandra Konradsdottir

School of compulsory education:

Lonabraut 12
690 Vopnafjordur

Tel.: +354 470 3250

Prinicipal: Adalbjorn Bjornsson

The school year at Vopnafjardarskoli lasts from late August to the end of May.
Number of students in fall 2010: 92
Classes are held Monday through Friday, starting at 08:10, and ending in early afternoon.

There are no institutions offering upper secondary education and higher education in Vopnafjordur. The closest upper secondary schools are located in Egilsstadir, Laugar and Akureyri. The closest institution of higher education is the University of Akureyri.

Distance learning opportunities at upper secondary and higher educational levels are available with the help of video conferencing technology. Services are provided by:

East Iceland Academic Network

Hafnarbyggd 4a
690 Vopnafjordur

Tel.: +354 470 3850

Project Manager: Thorunn Egilsdottir


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