Local Clubs and Societies

Vopnafjordur offers many opportunities for residents who want to participate in local clubs and organizations.

Einherji is the local sports team, founded in 1925. Soccer is the primary sport.

The Vopnafjordur Golf Club (Icelandic: "Golfklubbur Vopnafjardar")was founded in 2008, and works to improve the local nine-hole golf course.

The local branch of ICE-SAR (Iceland Search and Rescue, Icelandic: "Landsbjörg") operates a volunteer search and rescue team, an accident prevention division and a youth division.

The Senior Citizens Association (Icelandic: "Felag eldri borgara") plans social activities and trips year-round.

Glofaxi Equestrian Club (Icelandic: "Hestamannafelagid Glofaxi") is located just outside of the village in Vesturardalur Valley.

Nema Hvad! Handicrafts Group (Icelandic: "Handverkshopurinn Nema hvað!") operates a handicrafts gallery at Hafnarbyggd 7.

Askja Kiwanis Club (Icelandic: "Kiwanis-klubburinn Askja") is the local Kiwanis club, and a part of Kiwanis International.

Lindin Women's Club (Icelandic: "Kvenfelagid Lindin") is a charity where volunteers work together raising money to support local issues.


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