Medical & Safety Services

In case of emergency, call the nationwide emergency telephone number: 1-1-2 (ONE ONE TWO)

Please note: The following listing of medical and safety services is for general information purposes only. Not all the services are operated by or affiliated with the local government, and the availability and conditions of the services are subject to change without notice.

Medical Services

The Institution for Health in East Iceland (Icelandic: "Heilbrigðisstofnun Austurlands") is run by the national government, and operates a health clinic (Icelandic: "heilsugaesla") and nursing home (Icelandic: "hjukrunardeild") at Laxdalstun in Vopnafjordur.

The clinic's opening hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-15:00.
Tel: 470 3070
Please call for doctors appointments and further information.

Outside opening hours, call the following number for urgent issues: 894 9125

Chief physician: Baldur Fridriksson
Chief nursing executive: Emma Tryggvadottir

Medevac services to the nearest hospital are provided in emergencies.

Visitors who are not a part of the Icelandic government's medical insurance scheme will need to pay for medical services in full at time of treatment. Citizens of the EU/EEA may be exempt from full payment if they present a valid European Health Insurance Card. Citizens of the Nordic countries can show their passport to avoid full payment.

Dental Services
Glerhardur Dentist Office services Vopnafjordur several times a month at the local health clinic.
Please call 473 1270 for appointments and information.
Dentist: Jon Haflidi Sigurjonsson

The local pharmacy is located in the health clinic at Laxdalstun. Opening hours same as health clinic.
Tel: 473 1109

Fire Department
The Fire Department of East Iceland operates a fire station in Vopnafjordur, ready with late-model equipment.

Search and Rescue
ICE-SAR (Iceland Search and Rescue) operates a highly trained volunteer search and rescue unit in Vopnafjordur, equipped with all-season vehicles and equipment for operations in lowlands, mountains and at sea. When required, aircraft and maritime backup is provided by the Icelandic Coast Guard.


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