Police & County Government

In case of emergency, call the nationwide emergency telephone number: 1-1-2 (ONE ONE TWO)

Vopnafjordur is located in the county of Nordur-Mulasysla, and is a part of the District Magistrate of Seydisfjordur's jurisdiction. The district magistrate represents the executive branch of the Icelandic government in the county, and serves as the county's sheriff.

Local Police Station
Address: Lonabraut 2
Tel: 470 2140

District Magistrate's Local Branch

Address: Lonabraut 2
Tel: 470 2120
Open Mon.-Fri. 10:00-13:00.

District Magistrate's Headquarters in Seydisfjordur
Address: Bjolfsgata 7
Tel: 470 2100


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