Port of Vopnafjordur

The Port of Vopnafjordur provides services for vessels of all kinds; from small fishing boats, recreational boats and sailboats, to freighters, factory ships and cruise ship up to a limited size. The port has seen major expansion and construction in the last decade, and is today one of the largest fishing ports in Iceland.

The port warden is responsible for the everyday supervision of the port.

Port Warden's Office
Port Warden: Bjorgvin Hreinsson
Tel: 473 1299
Cell: 898 5298
Email: hofn(at)vopnafjardarhreppur.is

The mayor of Vopnafjordur serves as the port's chief executive.

Chief Executive's Office
CEO: Thorsteinn Steinsson
Tel: 473 1300
Email: steini(at)vopnafjardarhreppur.is


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