Religious Organizations

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland (ELCI), which is Iceland's state church, has two churches and two congregations in the Vopnafjordur area. The larger of the two congregations is made up of the inhabitants of Vopnafjordur, who attend services in Vopnafjordur's local church (Icelandic: "Vopnafjardarkirkja"). The other congregation is made up of people from the farms in the Vopnafjordur area. The latter congregation's church is the Hof church (Icelandic: "Hofskirkja"), located approx. 15 minutes from Vopnafjordur.

Anyone is welcome to attend services in either one of the two churces, and they are served by the same pastor.

The Reverend Stefan Mar Gunnlaugsson
Tel: 473 1462 / 867 3396 / 855 3596 / 473 1580
Email: stefan.mar.gunnlaugsson(at)

The ELCI's web site in English

The Pentecostal Church has been active in Vopnafjordur since around 1950.

Address: Fagrihjalli 6
Tel: 473 1317
Email: riorosin [at]


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