Sports and Recreation

Sports facilities
The local government runs the swimming pool in Selardalur Valley, and the sports and fitness center at Lonabraut 16. The fitness center is small but well equipped with treadmills, a stationary bike, stair-climbing machines, weight machines and free weights.

Sports and Fitness Center
Tel: 473 1492

Einherji, the local sports team, offers soccer and gymnastics practices for children. Please inquire at the sports center.

A grass soccer field is located at Haholt street, and is used for Einherji's practices and matches in summer.

An artificial turf practice field is located at Lonabraut 12, next to the elementary school. The field can be used all year when free from snow.

Three unsupervised children's playgrounds are available:
- Between the streets Lonabraut and Fagrihjalli
- Between the streets Kolbeinsgata and Skalanesgata
- By the street Vallholt

Playground equipment is located at the elementary school and playschool.

Please refer to the 'activities' main section of this website for information on other recreational opportunities.


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