The Local Economy

Vopnafjörður is a community of 700 people. 560 live in the village, and the remaining 140 on surrounding farms. The place is primarily a fishing community, where the largest employer is HB Grandi, Iceland’s largest fishing company. Despite the small size of the community, its port is one of the largest in Iceland.

Vopnafjordur hosts a wide range of public services and private businesses: a preschool, primary school, port, pharmacy, retirement home, airport with year-round passenger service, cultural centre, tourist information centre, supermarket, liquor store, bank, post office, restaurant, hotel, café, dry cleaners, doctor/clinic, police, fire department, handicrafts store, library, three hair saloons, mechanic, fuelling station & convenience store, car rental, department of public works, house painter, carpenters, printer, search and rescue team, electrician, sports centre with gym, golf course and swimming pool.

Agriculture has been an integral part of Vopnafjörður’s economy for 1100 years, where sheep farming is dominant. The sheep are set free to graze in the mountains in early summer, and herded back in fall. The lambs are brought to the slaughterhouse, and the community is filled with temporary workers who come from all over to work in “slaughter season”. The result is a wide range of gourmet meat products.


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